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Fredric Effects Bugcrusher Analogue Sample Rate Reducer SOLD OUT

Price: £120.00
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This excellent sample rate reducer from Fredric Effects can drop your guitar into a pixelated dreamscape.

Here is what Fredric Effects say...

'The BugCrusher is an Analogue Sample Rate Reducer - a Sample & Hold circuit run at audio rates - which produces aliasing effects on your signal.
With the Rate set high this imparts a clear fizzle & crunch, while at low rates any high frequencies will seem to wrap-around in an effect somewhat akin to a clean ring-mod.
Despite the name, the BugCrusher is not an actual BitCrusher - most BitCrusher effects will have Sample Rate (x-axis quantization) and Bit Depth (y-axis quantization) and are typically digital in nature.
Tom Bugs, the creator, says "Back when I was making BugCrushers, they were well liked for processing synths & drum machines, but the effect also has found favour with bassists as the low frequencies can pass through cleanly while the highs are crunched".'